Top Online Bingo Games Available Online

Ever since online bingo made its appearance, it has become far easier for players to enjoy the game without having to expend enormous amounts of time and energy into finding a land-based venue hosting a game at a time convenient to them. There are many extra benefits to engaging in this manner, which include the big real-money prizes on offer and the fact that players are able to engage with individuals from all around the world instead of just folks from around their own neighbourhoods. Finding safe sites at which to enjoy the games is very easy to do as well, thanks to the many helpful websites available free of charge online that delineate how to do that for players on the hunt for this type of information.

Getting into Online Bingo Games

After the player has found a reliable site that supplies ratings and reviews for various online bingo rooms and selected one that he or she would like to join, the sign up process must be completed. This will entail the selection of a username along with supplying a valid email address in order to confirm the account, along with a strong password to protect the player’s confidential information.

After the registration has been completed and the player has opened an account with which they are able to enjoy online bingo games, a random card will be assigned the player, and selections of up to as many as 50 cards can be played at any time, depending on the player’s personal preferences. This is not recommended for beginner players, however, who should start with smaller amounts and work their way up to more cards as they gain confidence with online play.

Numbers ranging from between one and 90 will then be called, and players will need to match up these with those displayed on their cards. Once a successful pattern has been made a win will be announced, and players will need to pay attention to the board displaying the numbers as they are called in order to ensure that when the right pattern has been formed they are able to call B-I-N-G-O and claim whatever prize money has been made available.

The Details for Online Bingo Play

Online bingo cards will display five rows along with five columns, and will have numbers printed on them; the middle space of these cards is left blank. Although players are able to make use of as many cards as they wish to, within whatever limits the room itself has set regarding this, four or five is the best amount for those still finding their feet. Players who wish to increase their chances of winning larger payouts should select sites that have a good amount of players taking part in the games provided; and chat rooms are a must for this game, since it is largely enjoyed for the opportunity of social interaction it provides. Players should also ensure that the site provides a variety of games, and a good selection of promotions for them to take advantage of, along with the huge progressive jackpots that have affected so many life-changing wins for lucky players around the world. Players will find that the more frequently they play the games and the more often they participate in the chat rooms the more regular their online bingo wins will become.

So Much Sushi Online Slot Review

With hundreds of online slots being played daily, it is a pretty safe bet to say that there is no theme untouched and no stone unturned when it comes to new slot ideas and what to base them on. However, when the new So Much Sushi slot was released, we were gasping for words, because Microgaming has just entered into a whole new theme park.

If we have to think about our favourite slots, we would come up with themes like bikers, cartoons, movies, planes, cars, heroes, robots, sports and everything in between, even fruit. Yet, a slot completely dedicated to the art that is Sushi comes as a huge surprise to us, as So Much Sushi is not your everyday slot, and neither are the winnings.

The Sushi Theme

Sushi is a classic Japanese food, and this has grown to become one of the most popular Asian dishes across the world, from Japanese street corners where it originated to fancy Michelin Star restaurants in France.

SO Much Sushi is part of the So Much and So Many series of slots by Microgaming that did away with extensive graphics and elaborate gameplay, and focussed on fun and interactive themes and easy to navigate slot interfaces.

So Much Sushi has succeeded in portraying the sushi stand perfectly in the Asian manner it originated from, and finishing it off with the red and white Japanese tough.


Slot Symbols To Keep An Eye Out For

So Much Sushi is a 5 by 3 reel, 25 payline slot that brings you fun sushi symbols resembling all different kinds of sushi, the soy sauce and the ever present playing card symbols from 10 to Ace. The Caviar symbol is worth its weight in gold, as this is the symbol with the highest yield.

Split Your Symbols To Increase You Chances Of Winning

Microgaming was the father of the split symbol revolution, and it is to be expected that So Much Sushi will also come with this standard feature.           This feature allows you take a chance in the hope of splitting the symbols will result in more winning combinations. Some players may think that this function does not really result in winnings, but if a high yield symbol like the Caviar splits, you might be in to win it big!

The Wild Symbol

The So Much Sushi logo is the Wild symbol of this slots NZ game, and this symbol can replace any other symbol, except the Scatter symbol, in order to create a winning combination. This symbols is a double whammy, and turns into a multiplier when you land 3 of these So Much Sushi logos anywhere on the screen.

The Scatter Symbol

You can really push up your total winnings with the Wild symbol and regular combinations, but if you really want to hear the bells go off, you need to hunt down the Scatter symbols, and as many of them as you can possibly find. The bottle of soy sauce is the Scatter symbol of the So Much Sushi slot, and if you land 3 or more of these Scatters anywhere on the screen, the bonus round will activate automatically. So Much Sushi plays off an all or nothing game where you have to choose between 2 symbols to either win up to 40 free spins, or lose out on any free spins completely.

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot

Aristocrat’s Quick Fire range of games all share certain common special features, grand and masterful animations and sizable Jackpots being perhaps the most outstanding of them all.  Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot is no exception.  The game is currently only available as a land based slot, but alternatives are available to those preferring to play online.

The Quick Fire range is typically available in variations of either Asian or Egyptian themes.  Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot is based on an Egyptian theme.

Pharaohs have always captured the imagination, perhaps due to the absolute rule of law and power that they represented.  They were considered to be a combination of deity and mortal, able to govern with supernatural power but also given to human emotion and mortal flaws.  An estimated 170 Pharaohs have been in power, ruling over Egypt, spanning a period of approximately 3000 years.  Tutankhamen was arguably the most famous of Egypt’s rulers, and Ramses III was considered to be the last great Pharaoh, before Egypt was conquered by the Romans.  Egypt’s Pharaohs certainly make for a great theme across all platforms.

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot features 5 reels and 50 paylines.

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot Symbols

Symbols include elements typically associated with the Egyptian theme, such as Sacred Scarabs, Pharaohs, a bejewelled Ankh symbol and of course Pyramid symbols.  Playing cards also feature on the reels, and are typically lower paying symbols.  The aim of the game, as with all standard aristocrat pokies slot games, is to land a combination of 3 or more of a similar symbol on the reels.

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by the Sacred Scarab symbol, and will substitute for all standard symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbol.

The Scatter Symbol

The Pyramid symbol is the scatter symbol, and triggers the Free Spins Round when landing three or more anywhere on the reels.  10 Free spins are awarded for landing The more scatter symbols landed, the more free spins awarded during the free spins round.

The Free Spins Round

Besides the obvious perks of the free spins round, games in the Quick Fire range include the extra advantage of the final reel turning completely wild, increasing the chances of multiple matching combinations of symbols on the reels.

Multiple Jackpots

Another feature found across the board in the Quick Fire range of games, is the Multiple Jackpots feature.  The main attraction is worth 2 250 credits for landing a matching combination of 5 in a row (the grand jackpot), supported by a series of smaller Jackpots, worth 200 (major jackpot), 40 (minor jackpot) and 10 credits (mini jackpot), respectively.

Multiple Jackpots can be won on a single spin.

Pharaoh’s Ransom Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot Flexible Betting Options

Bets can be altered easily by making use of the standard machine buttons.  Betting options are also flexible, catering to a wide range of players’ needs.

The game’s functions are easy to understand and the rules are similar to the rest of the slots in the Quick Fire series.

South Park Online Slots Review

South Park online slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot based on the infamous adult animation television series by the same name, created by creative masterminds Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  The slot, like the show, revolves around the lives of Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick, four pre-adolescents living in the imaginary town of South Park.

The online slot features four different bonus games, each inspired by one of the show’s main protagonists, as well as three special features.  Anyone who has ever closely followed the television show, will appreciate the level of detail involved in the development of the online slot, as far as the central theme and general storyline is concerned.

South Park Symbols

Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny all appear on the reels, as well as playing cards Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

South Park also features a wild and bonus symbol.  The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols, with the exception of the bonus symbol.  The wild and bonus symbols are graphically presented simply as WILD and BONUS.

The bonus symbol is key to activate the various bonus rounds.  In order to activate any of the four bonus round, two of the regular bonus symbols must appear anywhere on reels 3 and 4, in combination with a special character symbol on reel number 5.  The particular character symbol will determine the corresponding bonus game associated with that character.


The Cartman Bonus Game

True to Eric Cartman’s deep resentment towards hippies, players are required to annihilate a group of hippies hiding behind the bushes by aiming a fire extinguisher at them.  Each hippie conceals an online pokies bonus slots prize, and a double your winnings multiplier.  The Cartman bonus game ends as soon as a bush reveals Officer Barbrady, another classic South Park character, instead of a prize bearing hippie.

The Kyle Free Spins Bonus Game

10 Free Spins are initially awarded during the Kyle free spins game.  Free spins can be re-triggered during the bonus game.  Kyle’s adopted Canadian baby brother, named Ike, will appear on the reels at random intervals.  Upon landing on the reels, Ike will fall through to the bottom of the reels, and onto a Hopscotch playing platform.

Kyle proceeds to kick Ike, and each kick reveals a different reward depending on where Ike lands.  Multipliers, bonus credits and additional free spins are all up for grabs.

The Kenny Bonus Game

Kenny is presented, in typical Kenny fashion, having 3 lives.  One of three starting points must be selected on a busy street.  Keep a look-out for falling airplanes, speeding cars and dangerous manholes whilst navigating Kenny across the street.  Multipliers and bonus credits are up for grabs as rewards for keeping Kenny alive.

The Stan Bonus Game

During Stan’s bonus game, a sticky wild will appear on reel number 3.  The sticky wild will remain in place for a subsequent two free spins.  With each appearance of an additional sticky wild symbol, two more free spins will be activated.  The sticky wilds will also substitute for all regular symbols.  Stan’s bonus game ends as soon as there are no more wild symbols on the reels.

South Park Special Mini-Features

Special mini-features appear at random intervals at any time during play.  Mini-features include a host of minor characters from the South Park series, including Mr. Hankey and the well-loved, if slightly foul-mouthed, Terrance and Phillip.   Cartman also makes a star appearance in his very own Beefcake Mode mini-feature.

The mini-features all reward with an array of wilds and multipliers.

South Park: Reel Chaos Online Slots Review

South Park: Reel Chaos Online Slots

South Park is an adult animated television series by the same name, created by creative masterminds Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  The show revolves around the lives of Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick, four pre-adolescents living in the imaginary town of South Park.  South Park is generally regarded as slightly controversial, due to the social issues portrayed and the colourful language used.  Despite this, the show has a large following the world over, and has developed into a fully-fledged, highly popular, brand.

Regular fans will be well familiar with the social outcast named Butters, often seen trying to join social circle of Eric, Stan, Kyle and Kenny, but without much success.  Butters is lonely and as a result, creates an alter ego for himself, the hardcore villain (everything Butters is not) Professor Chaos. Professor Chaos later employs a sidekick, Dougie, and bestows on him the title of General Disarray.

South Park: Reel Chaos is based on the antics of Professor Chaos, and the four boys this time pose as superhero’s, on a mission to defeat the evil Professor once and for all.

South Park: Reel Chaos is a non-progressive online video slot featuring 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines, the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins Round as well as various mini-features.  South Park: Reel Chaos is the sequel to the equally popular South Park online slots.

South Park: Reel Chaos Symbols

Symbols include many of the beloved show’s characters, as well as standard playing cards, being the lower paying symbols.

The wild symbol substitutes for all regular reel symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is the key to the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins Round, and the aim is to land a combination of 3 or more anywhere on reels 1, 3 and 5.


Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins Round

Four sworn enemies must be defeated during the Mintberry Crunch Bonus Spins Round.  The Evil Minions, General Disarray, Professor Chaos and Anime Professor Chaos.  A health meter appears on screen.  Each time a winning combination landed during the bonus spins round, Mintberry (the player) will gain a bar of health on the health meter.  Adversely, each time a non-winning combination is landed, a bar of health is awarded to the villains.  Mintberry will rise on the ladder of success, defeating one enemy after the next, until all 4 are defeated, for as long as he remains in good health on the health meter.  On each level, a random multiplier is awarded, and in the event that Mintberry defeats all 4 enemies, a special Victory Bonus prize is won.

South Park: Reel Chaos Mini-Features

Mini-Features come into play at random intervals and include Cartman’s Stacked Wilds, Stan’s Multiplying Respins, Kenny’s Multiplier and Kyle’s Overlay Wilds.  A vast number of multipliers are applied during the mini-features, and they also include free spins galore.

South Park: Reel Chaos can be played for fun and free or for real money online pokies around the globe.

Play The Legendary Ghost Rider Online Slots Game

Ghost Rider is one of Playtech’s Marvel series online slots games. It is based on the Hollywood film adaptation of the Marvel comic of the same name. The story is based on Johnny Blaze, the tormented stunt rider who sells his soul to save another. The symbols incorporate the theme and display elements of the film including a flaming skull, Mephisto the demon, the Ghost Rider, the film’s logo, bibles, scrolls and more. The lower valued symbols are the standard higher valued playing cards.

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Protect the Galaxy Playing Invaders from the Planet Moolah Slot

When it comes to bizarre yet incredibly well executed online slots themes, Invaders from Planet Moolah has earned themselves first place. This WMS Gaming slots game takes on a fun and somewhat unusual theme and turns it in to something special.

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Shiny Gemstone Jackpot Slots by Novomatic Review

Gemstone Jackpot is a gemstone based online slot game from the software developer Novomatic. The game features bright colours, and a very easy to use simple interface. Due to this the game is perfect for beginners of the real money slots Pakistan machine world to dip their toes into. The game was launched in August 2014 so is a relatively new addition to the Novomatic stable, but still has quite a decent following, especially among less serious players and novices.

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Review on Cop The Lot Slots from IGT Game Provider

Cop The Lot is an online progressive jackpot slot from International Gaming Technology (IGT). The game not surprisingly has a cops n robbers theme, complete with bumbling crooks and hapless coppers. The game features twenty paylines and five reels and a take it or leave it style Free Spins Bonus. In Cop The Lot you will have to avoid the policemen who are after you to arrest you. The game carries on until you get caught. Once caught, the player will then receive their verdict, which is one of four. But more on that later.

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Wildcat Canyon Online Slot Latest Review

Wildcat Canyon opens with a banjo playing.  This online video slot from Next Gen Gaming has 5 reels and 25 paylines and is set against a desert with the sound of the wind whistling and birds chirping.  A western track plays as the reels spin and some of the symbols will animate when there is a win

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