Hello world!

Did you ever wake up one morning and find that the things you believed for your whole professional life are no longer shared with others?  Do you still think there is a right and wrong in medical imaging or the practice of medicine?  If any of these things apply to you we may have something to talk about.  I am coming to blogging kind of late in my life, I am 68 years old.  So forgive me if this is not elegant, but I hope the words are right.  What do you think about what is going on in medical imaging right now?  How are the societies we belong to working?  Are they really working for us? 

It doesn’t matter if you are as old (or older) than I am or fresh and young.  I want to start a dialog about where we are going and how we should handle it.  I have strong opinions and I am sure some of you do as well.  Let’s hear them.

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Bob H.

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