Innovative Gameplay In Doubleplay Super Bet Slot

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game is a unique gambling experience, created by NextGen. The game utilises a number of innovative special features not seen in many slot machine games, plus has a dazzling aesthetic style and striking sound design.

On innovation and design alone, the game is worth a look and a few spins by anyone with a passion for gambling online NZ. Immediately noticeable, upon playing the game for the first time, are two prominent extra interface windows, housed to the right of the main play area. These windows provide the unique options not often seen in online slot games.

Also noticeable is the interactive soundtrack design, which changes accordingly as the player progresses in the game. The visual design, a colourful and dazzling experience, is engaging and highly originally, making the game as a whole something player can engage for hours. To learn more about the unique bonus features, and understand how they effect game play, read on.

Tile Design

The standard play tiles in the Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game are based around traditional  casino slot machines. These include a diamond, a cherry, a seven, a bell, a star, and more. Each is boldly designed, easily recognisable, and simple to memorise.

Super Special Features And Options

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot game features a number of unique special features, all of which are an exciting innovation to standard game play. First up, seen on the top right, is the doubleplay feature. This, in a nutshell, is a multiplier option system, allowing a player to select a multiplier between spins.

The options are three times, six times, and nine times. By simply tapping, or clicking a preferred multiplier, it will go into effect, greatly increasing the value of each win. Do keep in mind, however, that activating a multiplier will also simultaneously increase the current bet. The second bonus feature, also located on the right, is the super bet feature. The player may turn on and expand super bet as they prefer, to the centre reel, centre three reels, or all reels. This will add bonus wild tiles to the reels, which massively increases the chances of creating matching sequences. Again, please be sure to keep in mind that turning super bet on will raise the bet accordingly.

Free Play Versus Real Play

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game is available to play for real money, or for free, as the player prefers. Playing on your mobile phone or tablet free of charge is as easy as downloading and playing. Upon starting the game, virtual currency is given without any input required. Keep in mind though, that although the virtual currency is kept track of as if it were real, any amounts gained will not carry over to other games.

The same general guidelines apply if you prefer playing on your laptop or home computer; simply open the game in a browser to play for free. If you would like to play for real money on mobile devices or computers, simply make sure you have an active account and funds are ready for play.