Knights Quest

Introduction To Novomatic Knights Quest Slot

Although there are so many themes that gaming developers can choose from when creating their online slot masterpieces, with the overuse of themes on the market, themes can become out dated and boring. However, the medieval theme has just been given a new lease on life with Novomatic Knights Quest online slot. From dragons, jesters and knights, among other medieval characters, slots fans are immersed into a mystical world. This modern slot has five reels made of mahogany wood and 20 paylines, all sitting on top of a graphic featuring a castle kingdom. The sound effects fit the medieval adventure as well, immersing players deeper into the slot game.

Like most slots, this game is suitable for both seasoned high rollers and the budget weary players as it boasts a vast range of betting options. If you’re looking for low-end wagers, bet on the minimal wage of 40 cents per spin on the Knights Quest online slot. If you bet on max, which is 10 000 coins per spin, and land five of the knight symbols on the reels, then you’ll be lucky enough to get the 5 000 000 credit jackpot. 

Symbols Of The Game

The wild symbol in the game is the jester and this symbol replaces all other symbols on the reels except the scatter symbol to create winning symbol combinations on the reels and awesome payouts. The mystical dragon symbol on the Knights Quest online slot is the one symbol people must look out for because if players get more than three dragons on the reels then they will trigger the pick me bonus feature, along with different multiples.

If you get the bonus scroll symbols on the reels then they will have their pick of three different bonus rounds, all promising great rewards.  The first of the fun rounds on the Knights Quest online slot is 15 free spins, as well as a stacked golden symbol. The second game is a wheel-based game where you journey with the famous knight to search for golden treasures. Lastly, the third fun round involves the jester character and players must watch jester performing amusing party tricks. After his tricks have been performed, jester will win a certain prize for the player depending on how well he performed the tricks.

Common Novomatic Features

When playing any online slot from Novomatic at, one can expect fantastic graphics, top-notch gameplay and a variety of in-game features and money boosters. Like most other titles in the range, the Knights Quest online slot also features an autoplay option and the gamble feature.

In the autoplay feature, players can sit back, relax and watch the reels spin in an automated fashion without having to lift a finger. In the gamble feature on the Knights Quest online slot, players can simply choose the correct card option to double their wins over and over again. But this feature, as its name suggests, also comes with a gamble as if you choose incorrectly, you will lose all the winnings gained during the gamble round.