Latest Captain Cannons Circus Of Cash Online Slot Overview

One of the most attractive parts of the Captain Cannons Circus of Cash online slot is the number of bonus features that are on offer. These are varied and are activated by a number of different aspects, but all provide players with different winning opportunities. The bonus feature that is triggered is actually determined by the drop down hammer.

In order to activate this though, you need to make sure that you have manage to turn on all 5 of the bonus feature lights. When this happens, the bonus feature ladder will suddenly light up, and you will be shown all 9 of the bonus features. These features are ranked, with some being much better, or offering bigger wins, than others.

Rather than describing each of the different bonus features in Captain Cannons Circus of Cash here, the best option is to play the game and try to activate each one of them in turn. Some of the names of these features include the Fire Breather, the Lion Tamer, the Bearded Ladies, the Rampaging Elephant, the Strongman Contest, the Clown Car, The Tightrope Motor Bear, and also the Captain Cannon Bonus.

Captain Cannons Free Spins

The way each of the bonuses function is slightly different. However, for those looking for some big wins, then the Main Event Bonus feature is the one you should aim for. In the Clown Car Free Spins bonus, there are up to a maximum of 25 free spins on offer, and also the chance to win a 6x win multiplier. A 6x win multiplier is a great way to dramatically increase your winnings without having to take any extra risks.

However, if you really want a big win, then the Captain’s Cannon Bonus is where you can really make some money. If luck is on your side when playing this Captain Cannons Circus of Cash bonus, you can get anywhere from a 20x win multiplier, right up to 1000x your stake. That could result in some really sizable winnings for you. Much like all the online slots available to play at skrill casinos Australia, Captain Cannons Circus of Cash offer gamblers the chance to get the most from every spin!

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Basics

For experienced slot players, the Captain Cannons Circus of Cash slot foundations might be of interest to you. For instance, this is a 5 reel slot game with a total of 25 paylines than can be activated. It is up to you though, how many you choose to trigger for each of your spins. This will have implications for the size of your bet, as well as for how many winning possibilities will be available to you.

In the Captain Cannons Circus of Cash casino slot, players can only bet 1 coin per win line. However the actual value of each coin can be adjusted, which will suit players on varying budgets. The lowest coin value is 0.25, while the highest value that can be set is 10.

There are a number of interesting symbols in the Captain Cannons Circus of Cash online slot. Of course the main character in this game is Captain Cannon himself. However, there are plenty of other symbols, including the high playing card symbols. Refer to the slot’s paytable for full details.