Three Wishes slot

Arabian Themed Three Wishes Slot Game Online

Everyone wants to find that old, dusty lamp in some forgotten part of the world that when rubbed in a particular way releases a genie trapped inside, who then, grateful for being released, grants the user three wishes on whatever they desire. Of course the first wish must always be for extra wishes, though there are often parameters in place to avoid such things, since genies on the whole are rather intelligent beings. Before getting too carried away with the plot though, the topic in question is that of this Three Wishes slot game from Betsoft, which is actually themed more toward the theme of Arabia and the aspects inherent to this culture, which just so happens includes the aforementioned genie in amongst it all. Continue reading “Three Wishes slot”

100 Pandas Online Slots Review

100 Pandas Online Slot Game

100 Pandas is an online slot game produced by ITG, one of the top gaming developers in the business. If you have played ITG’s 100 Ladies, you may be familiar with the setup of this game and what to expect. The theme of this animated slot game is all about Giant Pandas and is set in a native Chinese bamboo forest. During the base game, the sounds of the jungle can be heard in the background accompanied by Chinese music. This brightly coloured game is filled with high quality animations that make it a real pleasure to play. Continue reading “100 Pandas Online Slots Review”

A Guide To Practicing Solid Bankroll Management

Practicing Solid Bankroll Management

Bankroll management does not mean that your casino fun has become all about the money. It is simply an effective way to exercise some control over your game.

It will definitely pay off in the long run and help you develop good wagering habits.

As any professional player will tell you, bankroll management keeps you and your head in the game resulting in more rewarding gaming. Continue reading “A Guide To Practicing Solid Bankroll Management”

Play Free Slots For Fun Online

Play Online Slots On Any Platform

As the online game of choice, slots provide thrilling action, immersive, easy game play and hours of online entertainment. Slot fans can join the virtual gambling arena any time of the day or night, whether at home, at work or on the go. Numerous slot games are available on most mobile platforms including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

If using a Linux, Mac or a Windows PC, or a mobile device which boasts an Android or iOS system, free slots for fun can be played instantly online using the internet browser or via Flash, or you can download the gaming software onto your device with ease at no cost.

Once you have set up your internet and device and have found your favourite online casino or free slot game to play, simply register a free online casino account and start spinning the reels! Continue reading “Play Free Slots For Fun Online”

Magic Mushrooms slot

Magic Mushrooms Slot Online through Yggdrasil

The title of this slot may lead one down a path that ends in a trippy experience on psilocybin but fortunately, or unfortunately, that’s not the theme on the reels of this Magic Mushrooms slot by creative developers Yggdrasil. The game is centred round some rather bizarre forest creatures that spend their days in dark burrows lit up by their own internal magic. Definitely a more whimsical theme choice for this slot game, the graphics and layout also allow for a more encompassing atmosphere. All in all though, regardless how difficult the actual theme is to discern, the appearance of this slot during the game is rather mesmerising. Continue reading “Magic Mushrooms slot”

Play a Game of Mafia Themed Slots Games

Mafia Boss Themed Slot Game – Slotfather

Introducing Slotfather slot from Betsoft, based on the theme of old school Mafia and their designated leader. Definitely quite a unique theme design, this slot game employs all the aspects available to it in order to produce a rather resolute atmosphere on the reels. This includes the usual thematic suspects like symbols on the reels, the backdrop and reel borders,  the inclusive sound effects and even the betting options and spin buttons beneath the have gotten a thematic makeover. The graphics of this slot game are fairly standard, but with all the factors contributing to the setup, the result is still one worth beholding.  Continue reading “Play a Game of Mafia Themed Slots Games”

1429 Uncharted Seas Slots – Thunderkick Video Slots Games

Thunderkick’s 1429 Uncharted Seas Slot Game


Online slot players who are looking for adventure on the high seas need look no further than Thunderkick’s 1429 Uncharted Seas slot. This online slot game features beautiful hand drawn graphics that accurate depict the maps and sea charts of the 1400’s. The reel symbols consist of a variety of giant sea monsters as well as a mermaid.

1429 Uncharted Seas slot features an expanding wild feature represented by a giant sea serpent destroying a ship. 1429 Uncharted Seas also includes a free spin feature that can award up to 50 free spins. An Auto play function is available to setup automatic spins. Continue reading “1429 Uncharted Seas Slots – Thunderkick Video Slots Games”

Fairy Fortune Awaits – Mystique Grove Slots

The magic and mystery of an enchanted forest is the theme behind the slot title Mystique Grove, accompanied by appropriately ethereal music. It can be found at online and mobile casinos. The Genesis design team has put quite a bit of effort into the whimsical cartoony symbols on the five reels and the stunning backdrop: a leafy forest glade lit by shafts of sunlight, with lighted windows showing that the trees are also fairy homes.

Continue reading “Fairy Fortune Awaits – Mystique Grove Slots”

Dont Kick the Slots Habit – Bruce Lee Slots

Bruce Lee is an online slot with a slightly different layout to regular online and brick and mortar slots. The game has sixty paylines and the usual five reels but the first two reels only have two symbols per reel. Bruce Lee is a part of WMS’s Money Burst slot catalogue. All of the sixty paylines are optional and can be played for as little as 0.01 per line, or as much as 2 coins. This makes the maximum bet 120 coins per spin or the minimum bet as little as 0.01 per spin. Playing with such a small bet means that you probably won’t hit the feature, but it will appeal to players of smaller budgets.

Continue reading “Dont Kick the Slots Habit – Bruce Lee Slots”

Torture or Treat? – Mythic Maiden Slot

The iron maiden is a signature feature of any medieval dungeon in Hollywood epics, but in fact the torture device was a made-up creation of Victorian Gothic novelists. The NetEnt online slot Mythic Maiden, judging by its title, is therefore somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless the forbidding iron casket that stands alongside the transparent reels in an ornate frame, backed by the creepy artifacts of a torture dungeon, gives this title a dark atmosphere that is enhanced by the sound effects.

Continue reading “Torture or Treat? – Mythic Maiden Slot”