Early Poker History

In order to form the perfect poker strategy, it helps the player to know where the game comes from and how it’s played.

One of the first times the game of poker was mentioned in literature was in the memoirs of the Joseph Cowell, an English actor, in 1829. He reported seeing a game played in New Orleans, Louisiana that involved a deck of twenty cards. There were four players in the game and they were all betting on who had the most valuable hand. Once can imagine how poker strategy was different when playing with just twenty cards.

In 1843, Jonathan Green wrote, in his book An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling, about the game of poker having seen popular growth through the Mississippi riverboats. Gambling was very common on these boats, and as they ran throughout the United States along the many rivers that fed into the Mississippi, it wasn’t very long before the game grew even further in popularity – so much so that it became a part of frontier life. It wasn’t long before poker went from being played with a twenty card deck to a full fifty two card deck. This was when the hand known as the flush was introduced.

Poker Develops

During the 1860s, when the American Civil War was in full swing, there were many additions to the game of poker and poker strategy on NZ betting. These included five-card stud and stud poker in general. Later additions included split-pot poker, and the wild card.

It wasn’t until around nineteen seventy or so that poker tournaments increased in popularity and the need for players to perfect a winning poker strategy increased dramatically. This was marked by the world series of poker.

Poker Hands

In order to form the perfect poker strategy, a player must memorise the various poker hands and know which ones are the most valuable. The first poker hand a player must understand is the high card. This is when no hand can be made from the cards that have been dealt, and the only real value in that hand is the highest card in the hand.

For instance, if the first player has an ace, ten, nine, five and four, and the second player has a king, queen, jack, eight and seven, then the first player will win because they have the highest card – the ace. If two players have the same highest card then it comes down to who has the second highest. The second poker hand a player must understand is one pair. This is when a player has a pair of the same card. The higher the pair, the more valuable it is to the player. The next hand is two pair. This is when a player has two pairs of identical cards, such as two queens and two aces. The next hand is three of a kind. This is when the player has three of the same card. The next is a straight. A straight is five cards in order.

The next hand is a flush. A flush is when the player has five cards of the same suit. The next hand is a full house. This is when the player has two of the same card and three of same card together in one hand. The next hand is four of a kind. This is when the player has four of the same card. The final hand is a straight flush. This is when cards are in order and have the same suit.

Slot Games History

It was in the late 1890s that Sittman and Pitt developed the precursor for what we now all know as the modern day slot machine. Made in Brooklyn, this machine held five metal drums which had a grand total of fifty playing cards. The mechanics of the game were based on the card game of poker. The machine proved to be a hit with the locals in New York, and it was not long before almost every bar, saloon and club in the city had one available for their patrons to play.

In order to play these slot games, patrons would put a nickel or dime into the machine and pull the lever. The drums would then spin and stop randomly on a set of cards. These sets of cards made poker hands. Depending on the hand that was dealt, the player either won nothing or sometimes they won cigarettes, cigars or alcohol. There was no way of making money directly from the machines for patrons. They were always playing for some type of prize. In order to keep the odds stacked in favour of the establishment instead of the players, the bars would often remove a certain card or cards from the deck. For instance, they could remove the jack of hearts and the ten of spades. This severely reduced the chance that the player was ever going to spin a royal flush. There were other ways they reduced the player’s chances of winning that involved making small adjustments to the metal drums themselves.

If one takes into account the number of possible winning combinations in poker, with high card, two of a kind, three of a kind, straight, flush, royal flush, full house and four of a kind, one can see that it would have been nearly impossible to work out an online betting NZ machine that paid certain amounts on every different win. This is why the poker system was a flawed system.

Slot Popularity Increases

Around 1895 a gentleman by the name of Charles Fey developed a must more simplified machine. Instead of having every card including two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace in these slot games, Fey instead used only five symbols. These symbols were a spade, a heart, a liberty bell, a horseshoe, and a diamond. Also, instead of using five drums for the reels on these slot games, he only used three drums. This simplified the game even further. It was because of this that he was able to devise a way of making the machine automatically pay out for certain combinations of symbols. This particular machine had a jackpot, the largest payout, which was a total of fifty cents. The player would win the jackpot by getting three of the liberty bells in a row. It was from the success of this device that slot games gained mainstream popularity.

Slot Machines Today

The first video slot was made in the mid-1970s by a Vegas based company called Fortune Coin Co. With this came the introduction of the second screen for bonus rounds.  In recent years, the advent of the internet has seen the popularity of slots increase as online casinos offer players the slot experience from the comfort of their computer desk.


Video Poker History

It was not until the prices of television units and the prices of solid state processors dropped to lower levels that the idea of video poker became something that various companies considered commercially viable. It was in the middle of the 1970s that the first video poker models started to appear. They were very simplistic and almost rudimentary by today’s standards, but for the time they were state of the art and created a lot of buzz in the gambling and poker communities.

In 1979, a company called Si Redd’s Coin Machines made a game called Draw Poker. Si Redd’s Coin Machines eventually evolved into a company that many know today. That company is International game Technology. During the 1980s, poker played on video screens saw a huge jump in popularity among gamblers and in casinos. Because there were no real life players involved besides the person playing on the video screen, it was a much more approachable option for new players and players who not as confident in their skills. The prospect of playing with real people, some of who might be poker experts, when you yourself are a novice is not something that most new players would be comfortable with.

Today, video poker is a very popular form of the classic card game. It has seen much success on the Las Vegas strip where people often go for machines with better odds and lower pay ins. This isn’t always the case though. Some online casinos NZ have actually been raising the prices of these machines in order to make them more profitable. Some of the machines are twenty five cents or more per play.

How to Play

Once the player has put in their money, they place a bet on a single or multiple cards on the screen. The player then pushes the deal button and waits to be given a total of five cards. This is when the player has the opportunity to get rid of one or more of their cards and get new cards to replace the ones they’ve passed along. These new cards are given from the same deck as the original. Once the draw has taken place, the machine will then pay out if the player has a winning hand that’s shown in the pay table.

A pay table is a list of payouts that is shown on either a slot machine or video poker machine. The amounts paid out will vary. They are based on how rare the hand is as well as how the player played his cards and the variation of the game. Not all combinations that could win in a poker match will win the player money.

For instance, a pair of twos might not pay out on a machine. It is not unusual for a pair of jacks to be the minimum a player needs in order for the machine to pay. This combination will sometimes just pay the player back with even money. The rest of the hand combinations are the same as if they player was playing in a normal poker game. These include things like a straight, flush or royal flush.

Laws and Regulations

In the United States, these machines are regulated differently from state to state, or they are regulated by the Native American gaming agencies. Both of these state that the machines have to deal from a virtual deck and that the sequences in which the cards come out have to be completely randomised.

The Largest Of Australian Casinos Is Also the Biggest Of All

Australians have always loved to gamble. In fact, some say gambling and Australia go hand in hand. It is no surprise that of all the Australian casinos, the biggest one is also the biggest casino in the southern hemisphere. The Crown casino in Melbourne is the largest casino south of the equator, so it has a lot to live up to, given the reputation of the casinos north of the equator. This casino is situated on the banks of the Yarra River, and is one of the iconic buildings in the lovely city of Melbourne.

Star casino in Sydney is one of the main Australian casinos that has been around for nearly twenty years. This resort, together with its hotel, has become a mainstay of the gaming scene in New South Wales. Australian casinos make their appearance in every state. Even in the remote interior of Alice Springs, there is a casino for all Aussies who live there to enjoy their gaming. Of course, the Gold Coast, which is Australia’s playground, has a number of extremely attractive casinos.

Most Australians Love To Gamble

More than half of Australia’s population enjoy different kinds of gambling. There are the big land based casinos, like the Crown Casino, and of course, thanks to the advance of modern technology, there are now also many online Australian casinos. They offer a wide selection of the casino games, whether the ever popular slots, or pokies, as well as the table games, and also the possibility of sports betting. To many Australians, the game of pokies is the first option at any casino. Online pokies now makes it even easier for players to access and play these classic, exciting betting games.

All around the world is pokies one of the most popular games in the casino. Not really surprising, really, as the combination of simplicity, low stakes and high rewards are something every player has at the top of his fun list.

Choosing an Online Casino

Choosing one of the Australian casinos can be something you might like to do yourself, finding an online casino that will suit your tastes. It will depend on the variety of games offered and the stability of the software used, and very importantly, the ease and security of all your financial transactions. Australian casinos, like all casinos everywhere, will offer new players a variety of great start up bonuses, as well as regular special offers to keep the interest of the regular player. These do vary from site to site, so it is best to do a little research first to find the casino with the most attractive offers.

Range Of Games Offered Is Important

The range of games offered is another of the most important factors in choosing an online casino. Membership at a casino is a commitment, so it makes sense to choose those casinos that offer a good selection of the games that you enjoy most. If online pokies NZ is the game you love, then choose one of the Australian casino s that offer a large array of pokies games. If poker is your main game, choose one with a poker room offering all the variants of poker.

Remember too, the best Australian Casinos should offer their members 24/7 customer support. If you can check in and get assistance with any issue, day and night, that is definitely a benefit to consider.

Best Android Bingo Sites Attracting Many Players

Mobile bingo play has become a popular form of casino game. Quite clearly the best in mobile bingo is going to be served up on the best Android bingo sites and apps. This is primarily due to the universality of the Android platform, but also includes the fact that a bingo itself is exciting and a thrilling daubing experience is hard to beat when playing casino games on the go.

Before even discussing the fun that bingo provides, players should start with the basics of mobile casino play and make sure they are familiar with the various rules and regulations that apply to any money offers at any given bingo site. This is because bingo sites differ markedly with respect to restrictions such as limited game play options, maximum wager settings and general wagering requirements.

All Part of the Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategies of mobile casinos are designed to entice new players and grow the casino, or bingo room clientele. However, the primary source of mobile casino business are the loyal, and regular players, a situation which drives casino sites towards continuously improving and trying to perfect the mobile bingo experience.

Mobile bingo slots NZ players who appreciate the number-daubing thrill of this game, revel in the trepidation of hearing an opponents’ victorious ‘bingo’, and value the financial implications of a game with excellent odds, can now, thanks to the technological marvel of Android, enjoy all these features anywhere and at any time that suits them. Most mobile devices, and tablet computers are a case in point are big enough to convey the feel, atmosphere and excitement that is so much part of a real bingo room adventure, yet portable and convenient enough to make the playing of bingo during a work commute, or during a break a very real and welcome thing.

The Benefits of Mobile Bingo Play

The best Android bingo games provide an amazing casino and wagering experience. This is clearly evident in the games’ growing popularity, and why bingo players are getting younger and younger. Taking advantage of this mobile wagering trend, and making the most of a host of welcome and free play bonuses is really only possible using the Android platform, for this is by far the most popular mobile operating system with the most mobile keno apps and sites.

Players seeking the best Android bingo offers, even when not wanting the thrill of playing with real money, and preferring not to risk any of their own money, can get to try out the bingo site properly, for numerous Android bingo options abound. Using the accepted, and clearly appreciated free money incentive that the best Android bingo sites offer, players will find this the ideal solution to no risk free play.

A Casino Game in Transition

The best Android bingo sites, therefore, will be offering players a set amount of bingo money to spend on their own selection of games or on a number of free bingo games, and can thereby experience the pure joy of this game. The use of these free games by the best Android bingo sites is generating a whole new generation of true bingo aficionados and breathing fresh life into a traditional casino game.

Your List of Mobile Casino Games

There are more smartphone and tablet casinos available today than it is possible to count, and deciding where and what to play takes time and investigation. There is no single list of all mobile casino games that should be recommended to players. Tastes differ among individuals, and there are several other factors that influence the games that will work best for you.

As you find the ones most suited to you, take note of them. Keeping a list of all mobile casino games that you have enjoyed and benefitted from will make it a lot easier to decide which casinos to play at. It’s not the only factor in this choice, but it’s a very important one.

Plenty of Playing Choice

While it’s true that there are more games available for casinos played on desktop computers than on their handheld counterparts, the list of all mobile casino games is still very long and should offer enough to keep every player entertained.

Slots and Video Poker are probably the most common mobile offerings, with playing selections that very closely mirror what can be found online. There’s also a good selection of Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps games available, and new games or improved versions of the old ones are frequently rolled out.


Good Betting and Bonuses

Mobile casinos often allow players to enjoy their games in a no-deposit free play mode, just as online casinos do. This gives you the chance to test games out and make sure you are happy with them, to build up your confidence and to just relax without any financial concerns.

When players do want to play for real money, online casinos have a long history of showering them with lavish bonuses and promotions. This is to keep them happy, playing and spending money, and to keep them away from the competition. Casinos usually offer the same rewards on their mobile platforms as they do on their online sites, and sometimes even award exclusive bonuses to talent and smartphone users. They also offer the same betting options, so the list of all mobile casino games you are interested in should be very rewarding as well.

Evolution Over Time

As you develop your playing skills and style, you might also find that your tastes change. For example,aristocrat pokies when you’re initially playing Slots you might prefer the simpler 3-reel games that are based on the original machines. As you become more confident and competent, spinning the reels of the more immersive Video Slot games may become more appealing.

In the same way, you might start with classic Blackjack and Poker games and then find that the more exotic and unusual variations are more exciting and offer more of a challenge. You might also discover new games to explore, but for whatever reason the list of all mobile casino games you want to play or try out will almost definitely change over time. This is a natural part of the mobile casino experience, and means you should review your selections over time. The best way to develop as a player is to keep challenging yourself.

Mobile Poker Games on Tablet

Players who enjoy playing the king of card games will undoubtedly be grateful for the fact that mobile poker games on tablet devices are now as widely available as they are. There are a number of websites available totally free of charge that compare these as well, allowing players to simply pick and choose the best of these and get right into play.

The Service That Comparative Sites Provide

The sites that compare mobile poker games on tablet devices for players will help them find those available for a number of different handsets; access real money tournaments on the go; and earn the best real money bonuses while they do. Players no longer need to hurry home in order to sit down at their desktop computer in order to up the ante, and can pick up and start playing whenever they have a moment to spare.

Walkthrough for Poker on Mobile Devices

Playing mobile poker games on tablet devices couldn’t be easier. Players need to simply find a comparative site that has proven its mettle, and browse the reviews of the most recommended sites. Once he or she has found one that is compatible with the device they aim to use for play they simply head over to the where the app is to be bought or downloaded, search for the poker application by name, and download the app as per the instructions.

Once this has been done, the player needs to open the application up and allow it to instruct them on how to go about registering for a new player account. From there on the options will include creating a new account; making a deposit into it; playing for real money rewards; or practicing in free mode. These games can now be enjoyed wherever the player has access to internet service or Wi-Fi.

Enjoying Mobile Poker Games Online

The increase in access and variety thanks to the availability of mobile poker games on tablet cannot be overstated, and it has lead to an enormous increase in the popularity of this game worldwide. With more and more people buying smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, this is set to only increase as well, and the games are set to become richer and more enjoyable as competition for new players on the behalf of websites increases.

Before mobile poker games on tablet were this easy to access, fans of the game were reliant on free time at their desktop computers or internet cafes, and, thanks to the fact that this is no longer a requirement, people are able to try for a royal flush no matter where they happen to be as they go about their day or night.

Furthermore, gambling websites offering mobile poker games on tablet devices are always looking for new ways to entice players, and the range of promotions and special offers is ever widening. All the benefits of online pokies NZ are available for mobile users, including very generous welcome bonuses; 3D poker; and the chance to interact with a flourishing gaming community through live chat portals.

History of the Chook Raffle

Meat raffles are commonplace in many parts of the world. Mostly a European thing, they currently take place in pubs across England, Australia and even South Africa which was a British colony.  To look at the history of the chook raffle, we first have to look at the history of the raffle itself, as the two are one and the same.

A raffle is a gambling competition whereby people of any age can buy a ticket with a number on it in the hopes of winning a prize. At a predetermined time, all the people who have bought the tickets gather, and an authority of some sort does a random draw to see which is the winning number. The owner of that ticket then collects the prize. Raffles are generally held to raise money for a cause, be it a charity or even a personal cause.

Raffles themselves been around in one form or another since the beginning of human civilisation and records of them can be found in most ancient civilisations on earth. In the Old Testament in the bible Moses tells us that he used a lottery or raffle to award the land west of Jordan to his people. The ancient Babylonians and Romans took it one step further and used bones or die to choose their winning tickets. Ancient China invented a whole game called Keno, which is a form of lottery or raffle and used the proceeds to build the Great Wall. In Europe in the 1400’s the monarchy held raffles whereby you could win prizes like tapestries, china and cash.

Today raffles are mainly used by churches, pubs and small community organisations to collect funds for various projects. I am specifically ignoring lotteries in this as although they are in fact a form of raffle, they are on such a large scale as to almost be a separate species.

The chook raffle itself started in Britain and was called a meat raffle. This was during World War Two, when German submarines were stationed off the coast of Britain mainly to stop the import of supplies like meat, in the hopes of starving the country. Due to this, meat was severely rationed. Organisations started to raffle of meat packages to people who could afford the tickets, and of course this became a very popular thing to do. Australia, being a British colony, took to the idea of meat raffles like a duck to water. Or a chook to grain. Chook is the Australian slang word for chicken, in case you are wondering what on earth a chook is. So a chook raffle is a meat raffle involving a chicken.

Chook Raffles Today

Many years ago the chook used to be very much alive, but in today’s chook raffles it is usually a frozen bird. Chook raffles take place in pubs all over Australia, and are not so important today as they were during wartime, mainly due to the abundance of chooks in every grocery store and the lack of chook rationing. They are however a great excuse to get together and have a few beers with some mates. Sometimes the chook is even barbecued after the raffle at the very pub that raffled it. To enter a chook raffle is very easy unlike online betting NZ. First you have to find a pub or venue that is holding one. These are usually advertised in local newspapers. Then you go to the venue, and buy a ticket for the raffle. The winning ticket will be drawn, and if it is yours, then you win the chook!

Fruit Warp Game Review

Fruit Warp reinvents the reels with no definitive slot based structure. The game lies somewhere in between slot and arcade game, with no reel or payline structure, the game make use of a matching symbol technique in order to calculate potential wins on screen.

Developed by Thunderkick gaming and themed around juicy, delicious citrus fruits, the game fundamentally works like a ways to win slot rather than a structured winning table found in most modern video slots.


Fruit Warp is a unique slot that offers players winning opportunities from matching fruit symbols. The interface suspends fruit in mid air, with each spin; fruit symbols are flung into view from a far back rotary viewpoint.

Players should be aware that there are no paylines, the game simply relies on the fruit themed symbols that are flung into place in order to match winning combinations on screen.

Fruit Warp incorporates an Auto Play feature that can be stopped at any time. This allows you to sit back and let the game automatically ramble through various fruit graphics on screen to match winning combinations. This is a nifty feature that brings the unique motion of flinging fruit to life, in this warped reel turner title.

Fruit Warps Objective

Fruit Warp functions on the same principals of a slot. The screen will fling nine pieces of fruit into mid air; players opting for Fruit Warp game will need to match three or more to create winning combinations in the game.

The Game Symbols 

It’s a fruity affair and all symbols are no different, themed solely around citrus fruits, players can expect to see plums, strawberries, cherries, oranges, grapes, bananas, star fruit, dragon fruit and melons.

The Bonus Features

Players opting for this unique reel re invention will be delighted to know that Fruit Warp offers bonus features that can be triggered from various matched up symbols on screen.

Once players have the fruit flung up through sports betting NZ  on to the screen from a single spin; if four or five of the same kind of fruits appear within the assortment available the bonus feature will automatically initiate.

Landing four of the same kind of fruits on a single spin will automatically hold the four matching fruits in place. The others fruits will vanish and be replenished with new fruit symbols in order to achieve various winning combinations.

Landing five matching fruit symbols will initiate the main bonus feature of Fruit Warp game. Players should be aware that it is possible to trigger the main feature while re spinning from the four matching fruit feature.

The main bonus feature is a game in which players must match more fruit symbols that were used as part of the five to trigger the feature.

A limited number of attempts are on offer, Fruit Warp is generous and in certain instances players will receive additional shots at the match. Landing matching fruit symbols in the main feature will reward you with a notch climb in the multiplier ladder, a nifty bonus that has the potential for lucrative winnings.


Playing Poker in New Zealand

Poker New Zealand is no different than poker anywhere else. It is a game popularly played for fun between friends or for real money at land-based, online, or mobile casinos.

The Basics of Poker

Poker New Zealand casinos offer is a card game that requires both skill and a little bit of luck, where players have to play against other players by collecting cards and forming the best poker hand possible.

There are various types of poker games out there, each with their own distinct rules, but the most well-known form of poker, and the most well-known poker New Zealand casinos might offer, is Texas Hold’em.

The Poker Hands

The Texas Hold’em poker New Zealand NZ online gambling casinos offer is all about gathering the best possible hand. This means that players with the right cards or combinations of cards will have a higher-value hand, and are therefore more likely to win a round of the card game. There are ten hands that players may land.

The most high-value poker hand is the royal flush. The royal flush is made up of an ace, king, queen, jack, and a king in a single suit. This hand of poker cannot be beaten by any other hand and guarantees players a win in poker New Zealand betting games.

Another high-value poker hand is the straight flush. This is made up of five cards of the same suit that appear in sequence. If a tie occurs, then the hand with the higher value cards in the straight flush will beat the one with the lower value cards.

The next highest-value poker hand is four of a kind. To get a four of a kind, players will need to land four cards of the same rank. The one card that does not form part of the four of a kind is called the side card or the kicker. If there is a tie, then the player with the highest side card or kicker will win the round.

After these rounds, players may land a full house, flush, straight, or three of a kind. A full house consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards of a different but also matching rank. If there is a tie between two players both holding a full house, the player with the highest three matching cards will win the round.  A flush refers to five cards of the same suit that do not lie in sequence. Players with the highest cards will win. A straight refers to five cards that are in sequence but not of the same suit. Here, the highest-ranking card will determine the winner in an event of a tie. Three of a kind denotes three cards of the same rank. In the event of a tie, the highest side card will determine the winner.

Players may also land a two pair or a mere pair. The former refers to two cards of matching rank and two cards of a different matching rank, while the latter refers to only one pair of matching cards. In the event of a tie, the highest side card will determine the winner.

The hand with the least value is the high card. If no other hands are formed, then the players with the highest card will win the round of poker New Zealand casinos offer.