All Australian Casino

All Australian Casino was launched in 2013, as part of the L&L Europe Ltd group of online establishments. The company is known for owning and operating niche casinos, such as the sister sites All British Casino and Free Spins Casino, and this one is primarily aimed at Australians although other players across the world can also visit and use it. To really drive the theme home, the lobby is decked out in the country’s sporting colours of green and yellow, and has scenes of Australia’s natural beauty in the background.

Safety First

L&L Europe Ltd holds licenses from the jurisdictions of Malta, Curacao and the United Kingdom, which all strictly monitor their security and general operations, so players can trust that they are in good hands at each of their sites, including All Australian Casino. The games are regularly audited and certified by independent bodies as well, with each one running on a proven Random Number Generation number. Full SSL encryption is used to guard every transaction, and the available banking methods include MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill and Ukash. Customer support is available via email, telephone and live chat, so players can choose what works best for them here too. Knowing all of these measures are in place, and having administration tasks dealt with so smoothly, should help players to relax and focus all their attention on their games.

Contributing Software and Games

Like other L&L Europe Ltd holdings, All Australian Casino is powered by a few different platforms. This means players get the best and most popular entertainments that each one has to offer. For example, in the Pokies section Yggdrasil’s Jokerizer sits alongside NetEnt’s Starburst and Dracula video games. Amatic Industries is the final software provider, and the other games include Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, Lottery games, Poker, Red Dog and Video Poker. Live dealer variations of several of the games are also available, which adds another element to playing.

No download is required and the casino can be played instantly via web browsers with any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, and on any operating system, including Windows, iOS and Android. All entertainments are also available in both real money and no-deposit mode, which allows players to practice and build up confidence before placing bets.

Bonuses and Promotions

To keep players interested and away from competing sites most online pokies Australia casinos offer impressive bonuses, and this one does as well. Because All Australian Casino is mostly aimed at this country, people outside Australia won’t be able to access the handsome welcome rewards when signing up. They will, however, be able to trigger regular reload bonuses, free spin offers on the latest Pokies and more special offers as they keep playing. These change regularly so the best thing to do is check on them whenever you want to play, to ensure you can take maximum advantage of them. The bankroll boosts that the bonus rewards offer round off playing experiences at All Australian Casino well, and if used wisely they can help players take their winnings to the next level.

Bingo Terminology/Glossary

The Importance of Bingo Terminology

The game of Bingo is a social one, and the glossary for it that players make use of allow everyone taking part to know what is going on. Learning bingo terminology should be the first task for anyone interested in playing the game, as it helps players to understand exactly what is happening as the play for it unfolds, and ensures that everyone involved in game is on the same page.

The Explanations for Various Terms

When bingo terminology refers to “75-ball bingo” it is understood to be the version of the game enjoyed by American players. The bingo card for this variation has 75 squares on it, and players are required to either cover all of these, or just those that form a particular pattern. The first player to manage this calls bingo and wins.

“90-ball bingo” is bingo terminology for the game favoured by players from the United Kingdom, and offers players the chance to win a one-line prize; a two-line prize and a full-house prize. The player that manages to cover these first is deemed to be the winner.

The glossary for the game covers things like the amount of tickets players are required to purchase in order to take part in a game, known as the “admission”; and the jackpot and progressive jackpot, with the latter being a prize that keeps increasing in value until it is won underneath a certain ball count.

The Random Number Generator, or RNG, is the name given to the computer software system that is used to call the numbers, and multiple winners tell players that the prize will be divided equally when there is more than one frontrunner.

“Four corners” refers to a particular pattern that players need to cover on the four corners of the bingo card; and the pattern denotes the shape of the numbers players need to collect in 75-ball bingo games. A coverall game is a 75-ball game in which the players need to cover all of the numbers on the bingo card, and a chat room refers to the areas on various online bingo websites where players are able to interact with both chat moderators and their fellow players while a game is unfolding. The centre of a 75-ball bingo card has an area where no numbers are displayed, and this is known as free space.

Popular Number Calls Used for the Game

Bingo calls are a fun part of the game, and there are some great examples of rhyming that add to the enjoyment.  Some of the most popular terms in the glossary include:

  • Two fat ladies, 88
  • Two little ducks, 22
  • Legs eleven, 11
  • Kelly’s eye, 1
  • Unlucky for some, 13
  • Tweak of the thumb, 51
  • Winnie the Pooh, 42
  • Down on your knees, 43

Bingo websites have these announced by means of the audio options for online players, and callers make use of these and many others to announce the results of the draws.

The Best iPad Bingo

Apple brought a new generation of innovation when they unveiled the first iPad tablet. Larger than a smart phone, and with a large, crystal clear display, the iPad quickly took the world by storm, and millions have been sold since. The online casino industry saw an opportunity, and software developers began creating and porting many of their most popular online casino games to the iPad. This proved to be a massive success, and today millions of people from across the world play casino games on a daily basis.

One of the most popular games on the iPad is bingo, and both new and seasoned players scour the Internet and app stores looking for the best iPad bingo. Bingo can come in many shape and forms, but almost all of them work well on the iPad’s touchscreen.

Advantages of Playing The Best iPad Bingo

Using the Apple tablet to play the best iPad bingo comes with plenty of benefits for the online bingo enthusiast. The iPad provides unparalleled convenience, allowing players to enjoy the best iPad bingo wherever they are. Thanks to the iPad’s powerful battery and hibernation capabilities, players can expect many hours of game play every day, no matter how far they travel. The iPad is also available with a sim card, meaning that even if the player is not next to a Wi-Fi connection, they can still gain access to their favourite online casino at any time via mobile networks.

The iPad is also extremely safe for those who want to use real money on the best iPad bingo apps. Online crime is almost non-existent on the iPad, and handling money online will never have to worry the player. Many bingo games also allow players to compete against people from across the world, meaning live, online play for real money.

Where To Find The Best iPad Bingo

The iPad supports the exclusive Apple app store, and many online casinos have ported thousands of their games to the store. Players can browse the store, read reviews, and find information on the best iPad bingo games available. Many of these games are also free to download and play, and players have the chance to practice bingo before choosing to play with real money. This is further enhanced by the iPad’s ability to hibernate any applications that are running, meaning players can pause their game at any time.

If the player can’t find the right bingo on the app store, a number of online casino have made mobile devices completely compatible with their websites. The player can load up the website on to their iPad’s Internet browser, and start any bingo game that is compatible. The game will automatically fit to the iPad’s screen and will retain total functionality, meaning a full game on the iPad’s large screen.

The Best iPad Bingo Available at Online Gaming Sites

For an unmatched bingo experience that will entice both new and seasoned players, the iPad can provide everything and more at the touch of a button.